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PCBB has provided community financial institutions with high-quality, competitively-priced solutions and personalized service for over 25 years. Our innovative correspondent banking services and risk management services help you compete more effectively, and offer enhanced financial support to your community.

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correspondent banking

Correspondent Banking

Efficient, user-friendly cash management solutions

international banking

International Banking

Simple solutions for offering competitive international services

lending services

Lending Services

Comprehensive lending solutions to diversify, grow and compete

advisory services

Advisory Services

Innovative advisory services with actionable insights

What’s New

banking industry podcast


Increasing Customer Loyalty

A new Banking Out Loud episode has dropped and brings listeners advice on the best ways to increase customer loyalty, including the top 3 tips and key mistakes to avoid according to the experts at Customer Communication Group. A must hear episode for those focused on keeping customers happy and loyal.

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best banks to work for


Best Bank to Work For

PCBB ranked in the Best Bank to Work For by American Banker, a leading financial services industry publication. The ranking considers 100’s of banks and credit unions selecting only the best.

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Using Fiserv’s Foreign Exchange or Check Deposit Solutions?

PCBB has partnered with Fiserv to offer our International Services through their FX and check deposit platforms. Fiserv customers can process international wire transfers through the Payments Exchange: Foreign Exchange. Customers can also digitally process Canadian checks with our check image service, through the Fiserv Clearing Network.

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Featured Solutions

international banking
International Banking

Attract and retain customers doing business abroad — and generate additional fee income. Our International Solutions deliver fast and secure.

loan hedging
Loan Hedging

A loan hedging solution with simple logistics and mechanics — including no derivative accounting or ISDA documents.

CECL Solution

CECL FIT, a cloud solution, provides a flexible, compliant solution with a reasonable and supportable forecast and full transparency.

American Banker Best Banks Logo

PCBB is Awarded Best Bank to Work For

“We are honored and humbled to be part of the ‘Best Banks to Work For’ list. Our goal is to create strong connections amongst our employees so that each person truly knows how valued they are in their efforts to support their teams and our customers every day.”

— Steve Brown, CEO, PCBB

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Support the Charities That Are Right for Your CFI

A recent study says that a financial institution’s lack of support for local charities would push customers to move their accounts elsewhere. We explore how your CFI can pick charities that make the greatest impression on your customers.

Customers Want More Personalization: How CFIs Can Deliver

Businesses in practically every industry today are personalizing their messaging to their customers. However, personalization efforts in the financial services industry are lagging behind those in other industries. CFIs can reap a number of benefits by creating more personalized experiences for customers.

Help Protect Your Customers Against Generational Fraud

While fraudsters will try any and all methods across every generation, certain practices for each generation typically bear the most fruit. CFIs should be aware of the types of online fraud that each generation is most susceptible to, then educate their customers on ways to not fall prey.

Featured Industry Insights

CECL webinar
Webinar: CECL Methods: How to Defend Your Choices

You’ve selected your methods, but can you defend them to regulators? Whether your loan structures are standardized or complex, selecting the right methodology is not a simple task, and being confident in your selection is a must.

bank mergers and acquisitions
Bank Mergers & Acquisitions

We track the latest bank merger and acquisition information, so you can stay informed and respond appropriately in your own market.

swift gpi white paper
White Paper: SWIFT gpi: Faster International Payments

Cross-border payments are changing and business owners expect to transfer money quickly. SWIFT gpi allows community financial institutions to meet their customers’ needs and generate additional fee income for their institution.