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Consumer Sentiment:  Continued Strength Amid Elections

November 9, 2018
Bottom Line: Consumer sentiment was nearly unchanged in early November, with most of the survey coming before the mid-term elections (these results are through Wednesday). Consumers continued to see strong job and income growth prospects but expressed concerns about rising inflation and interest rates. 1-year ahead inflation expectations were slightly lower at 2.8%, while 5-year expectations were up 0.20% to 2.60%. Overall sentiment is now slightly above its 6 month average and still near cycle highs.

Consumer Sentiment FELL by 0.3 points in early November to 98.3%, compared with market expectations for a decrease to 98.0%. With this month's slight decline, sentiment is now 0.2% BELOW its year ago level.

Current Conditions ROSE by 0.1 points to 113.2%. This is 0.3% BELOW their year ago level.

Consumer Expectations FELL by 0.6 points to 88.7%. With this month's slight decline, expectations are 0.2% BELOW its year ago level.