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Leveraged Lending: Getting Comfortable With A Loan

Published October 2018
Topics: C&I, lending

Getting to know a new borrower often requires some time and effort. PCBB has put in hours of research and due diligence to get to know the companies in our Shared National Credit pipeline so that it takes you a fraction of the time. 
The purpose of this webinar is to introduce one of the companies that PCBB currently owns in our portfolio. We want to share our research so that you can efficiently decide if this loan may also benefit you.
  • What does this company do exactly? 
  • Who are its customers?
  • How have they been performing?
  • How does the company foresee its next year? 
  • Why did PCBB decide that this loan would be suitable for its own portfolio?
With good information, you can make impactful decisions for your institution. Join us to discover how with the right partner, your institution has an opportunity to grow.
Who should attend: Community banks that are interested in growing their C&I loan portfolio. This webinar is best suited for institutions with total assets over $250MM and in good regulatory standing.

Cindy Cheng
Senior Credit Administrator | PCBB