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Understanding FX Forward Contracts

Published March 2017

When dealing with small margins as a small international business, the fluctuations of international currencies can make it hard to plan for success. FX Forward Contracts can be an important part of your customer’s strategy, by allowing them to lock-in foreign exchange rates for settlement at a future date. 
In this webinar, PCBB will cover how FX Forward Contracts work, the benefits to your  customers and to your bank.
Why Are FX Forward Contracts Important?
  • They help you provide more comprehensive international services in an effort to attract and retain business banking customers. They also give you a new source for generating fee income.
  • Your customers will appreciate a service that can protect their profit margins by reducing adverse variations in currency, and can control future payables and receivables overseas.
  • It serves as the go-to risk consultant for your international business customers as they seek financial advice.


Matt Helsing
Senior Vice President
International Services, Western Region