CECL Series: Where do I Start with CECL? Critical Steps for Success

On-Demand Webinar

CECL continues to be a hot topic within the financial services industry, and many banks are getting so much information that they are confused on where to start. 
Join PCBB as we discuss the critical steps in getting started with CECL and the nuances of this new accounting standard. This session will bring clarity to the relationship of market dynamics and the life of loan component of CECL. 
During this webinar, you will learn answers to the following questions: 
  • What are the similarities and key differences between the current ALLL approach and that of CECL?
  • What are the critical steps for a successful start to CECL preparation?
  • How do market indicators affect CECL and capital reserves?
  • What are the appropriate lookback periods needed when inventorying and collecting data?
  • What are the considerations of a forward look and vetting your decision before you commit to action?

(Please note a corporate email address required for registration.)
Doug Hensley
Doug Hensley
SVP & Manager of Advisory Services