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On-Demand Webinars

CECL Series: Choosing the Best Methods for CECL: What's Right for My Bank?
Available On-Demand

Have you started to prepare for CECL yet? According to PCBB's survey of CFO's at financial institutions, only 11% felt that their bank was ready for CECL. Join PCBB as we work through live examples of different methods and evaluate the pros and cons.

CECL Series: Where do I Start with CECL? Critical Steps for Success
Available On-Demand

There is a lot of information to digest on CECL, making it difficult to know where to start. Join PCBB to help you jump start your CECL preparations. In this session, we discuss the critical steps to get started with CECL, including the specific nuances relative to life of loan.

C&I Series: A Loan by Any Other Name — Comparing Shared National Credits to your Own Loans
Available On-Demand

Banks often need a quick way to diversify away from CRE and get more diverse sources of income. Learn how to get comfortable with Shared National Credits (SNCs) as an at-your-fingertips product that is indeed a loan. PCBB shares how your bank can benefit from prudent use of SNCs and how to smoothly manage them for your own portfolio.

C&I Series: When All You Have Are Q's and K's — Effective Analysis of Shared National Credits
Available On-Demand

Most banks need C&I loans but often have limited non-CRE underwriting capacity. Get safely past the scale of large corporate C&I loans and their bounty of information to discover the opportunities and benefits available with Shared National Credits (SNCs). Learn successful strategies to underwriting SNCs for your bank. You'll see that analyzing rated companies doesn't need to feel like forming words in alphabet soup!

Funding Hedge Program - Protect your Deposit Costs from Rising Rates
Available On-demand

As we continue into a rising rate environment, your bank's net interest margin (NIM) may contract as liability costs increase. PCBB's Funding Hedge Program can help mitigate the impact of rising rates and stabilize liability costs for up to 10 years by hedging your NIM— all without complicated derivative accounting or hedge effectiveness testing. Watch this 30-minute webinar to learn more.

Small Businesses Growing Globally: International Payment Services on the Rise
Available On-demand

Are you currently providing international services for your customers? The global market is growing and with small businesses making up 97% of all exporters, your customers will be growing too. Knowing how to support your business customers will add to the level of service you can provide and bring deeper, more long-term customer relationships.

In our webinar, we will show you not only how to guide your business customers in their international opportunities, but also how to attract new ones in this ever-changing global world.

Understanding FX Forward Contracts
Available On-demand

We will cover how FX Forward Contracts work, the benefits to your customers and to your bank. When dealing with small margins as a small international business, the fluctuations of international currencies can make it hard to plan for success. FX Forward Contracts can be an important part of your customer’s strategy, by allowing them to lock-in foreign exchange rates for settlement at a future date.

Industry Events

October 30-31: VBA (VA) Credit Management Conference — Charlottesville, VA
November 7-8: KBA (KS) Eco Outlook & Risk Management Conference — Wichita, KS
November 8: WBA (WA) Women in Banking Conference — Seattle, WA
November 8-11: NYBA (NY) Financial Services Forum — Palm Beach, FL
December 3-5: WBA (WA) NW Bank Executive Conference — Seattle, WA